Casualty Investigation (on site or remote) 

Witness, documentary & physical evidence gathering and preservation 
VDR, ECDIS & DP/Control room data recorder analysis 
Causation analysis & reporting 
Root cause analysis 

Casualty Management (on site) 

Representation and co-ordination 
Information gathering 
Stakeholder liaison 
Assistance to clients’/assureds’ personnel 

Technical Consultancy 

General marine advice 
Matter analysis and advice 
Root cause analysis 

Litigation Support 

Review and advice on technical merits 
Disclosure analysis, requests for disclosure 
Witness interviews and drafting of witness statements (based on best practice and including requirements of English Business Courts) 
Analysis and advice on expert and witness of fact evidence 
Appointment, co-ordination and Instruction of experts 
Settlement discussions 

Expert Witness 

Preparation of expert opinion reports and supplementary reports 
Analysis of opposing experts’ reports and supplementary reports 
Expert meetings and preparation of experts’ joint memoranda 
Mediation assistance and attendance 
Oral evidence in English Business Courts, London & New York arbitration 
Areas of expertise: 
Navigational practice, passage planning & bridge team/resource management 
Shipboard operations 
Port and berth safety 
Dry cargo stowage and securing 
Loading, carriage and discharge of bulk, breakbulk, neobulk and deck cargoes 
Electronic data analysis 

Trauma-informed Interviewing in a Marine Setting (TIMS®) 

In collaboration with a clinical psychologist, Dr Rachel Glynn-Williams, I have developed a comprehensive witness interview model that combines investigative interviewing best practice with a trauma-informed approach to mitigate the effects of stress and trauma and to provide wellbeing support to witnesses who have been involved in a critical incident at sea. It can be delivered in person or remotely. 
TIMS® is part of a suite of trauma-informed services I offer through Recall Recover Limited. For more information, go to 

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